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July 2017

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This site is regularly updated, all information welcome, please contact me by email if you know of a Grinnall, Regards Phil Horsley

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WebPages detailing, recording the circa 330 TR7 & TR8 conversions by Grinnall Cars during the late 1980's early 1990's

February 2016

Mark Grinnall Grinnall Cars History Grinnall's YouTube
Grinnall arena display IWE 2013, Malvern (1)

Grinnall's exhibit again in 2016 at Coleford Carnival of Transport, Forest of Dean on Easter Monday, see picture right

More Grinnall Reports added to Members Pages.

March  2016

4.3L 300 bhp Body Style 3 Grinnall for sale, see Grinnall's For Sale page, go on you know you want a GRINnall over your face !!

Grinnall on pole position at British Grand Prix, Silverstone, chauffeuring Max Verstappen on the drivers parade lap. Damon Hill shouted across on the grid "WOW, what is that?" and Sebastian Vettel admired the car stating his Father had a TR7, so we are in good company.

July 2017